PASS Leasing Company provides the following services to the clients:-

Asset financing to Agribusiness Entrepreneurs

Agriculture- (Irrigation equipment,tractors and other farming machineries,Agri-processing, Storage & Transport)

Fishery- fishing gears and other equipment to support the sector

Bee-keeping- Bee hives and other necessary equipment and machinery to support honey production and process.

Livestock – Milking machines, cooling tanks and all equipment and machineries for supporting value additions to the sector

Who can apply for PASS Leasing services?

An individual, association or a company involved in agribusiness.

An individual should be of legal age.

An individual should be of sound mind.

Eligibility Criteria

Should be engaged in the agricultural sector and related fields (agriculture, fishery, bee-keeping and livestock).

Client should have a premise owned or rented.

Client should have a good repayment history with other financial institutions and a good business track record.

A client with a viable/bankable business plan.

Client should be able to contribute at least 20% of the purchase price of the lease asset as an up-front payment.

How and Where to Apply for PASS Leasing services?

The applicant should fill the appropriate application form available at PASS offices and the customer portal on website.

It is important that the applicant provides all necessary documents relating to his/ her business as well as assets under consideration to PASS Leasing Company at the time of application.

This will speed up the process and prevent undue loss of time on the client.

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