Flat and Reducing Rate of Interest Calculator

     How will you use this calculator?

    It is very easy to use this calculator.

     Enter the following values to use this calculator:

    1. Loan Amount (Equipment value minus downpayment)

    2. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)- constant 25%

    3. Loan terms (Years)- Lease Tenure

    4. Loan Date (mm/dd/yy)

    5. Payment type. It is a drop-down list. You will get two types of payments. End of the Period and Beginning of the Period. Choose one that suits your loan

    6. Payment frequency: It is also a drop-down list. You can choose payment frequencies: Weekly (7 Days), Bi-weekly (14 Days), Semi-monthly (15 Days), Monthly (1 Month), Bi-monthly (2 Months), Quarterly (3 Months), Semi-annually (6 Months), Yearly (12 Months)


    7. Interest Compounding Frequency: In most cases, your Payment frequency will be equal to Interest Compounding Frequency. In some countries, for example Canada, Interest is compounded semi-annually but payment is done monthly. So, except rare cases, your Payment frequency will be always equal to Interest Compounding Frequency.

    Note: There are no other values to input. The rest will be handled by the Calculator.


Loan amount:
Annual percentage rate (APR):
Loan terms (Years):
Loan date (mm/dd/yy):
Payment type:
Payment frequency:
Interest Compounding Frequency:
Scheduled Semi annually payment:
Scheduled number of payments:
Interest rate(Per Period):
Payment Type:

Reducing Rate of Interest Calculator

Total Payments:
Total Interest Paid:

  Calculator Output Summary 

No. Payment Date Beginning Balance Scheduled Payment Interest Paid Principal Paid Ending Balance

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